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It's me Sebastiaan.

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Design & Engineering

Construction & Landscaping

CNC Milling (Hard & Soft materials)

3d Printing (with partners)

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A little bit of History

Before Youtube I kept my making and design to myself and to the companies I worked for. In 2017 I thought   Thats it! This has to change! I might be able to show and inpire because more people could enjoy making. And so my Youtube adventure started.

My working life started early, my father was running an composite shop and from a young age I joined him to work on saturdays and in the evenings. At time I was exposed to all kinds of technical stuff and materials and that early interest always stayed with me.

After school I went to a University of applied sceince and studied mechanical design at bachelor level. I always tried to challenge myself to make the college project praktical and I enjoyed the time in the machine shop of the university.

When my education was finished I got the opportunity to work with a big firm to develop a new concept the company was working on. This was great I could work on a new product, incorporate my onw idea's in that technology and prepare it for market launch! After 5 years of working here I determined lets make the next step.

Right now I am a building my company creating great spaces as a Carpenter and Engineer under the name SEAMM. And I restarted working at my fathers company for a small portion of my time. Apart from that I try to spend more and more working time on Youtube projects and the channel is growing steadily so that is very cool to witness.

Sebastiaan Mollema

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